Friday, May 18, 2012

Improving on nature

What is your natural weak spot?  What personal shortcoming or handicap of yours requires a little artificial help?

This week's theme is your natural self.

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  1. My natural weak spot?... Hmm... I guess, when I'm around higher or authoritative people. I get really insecure and weak minded. I guess it's because I know they're higher than me, I feel as if I'll never be that "high" in authority.. lol It's always been one of my dreams to become a military officer, but I'm kind of pulling myself back because I don't have enough self confidence and courage to really make it happen for myself. When it comes to physical fitness, I'm perfectly fine, it's the verbal and presentational parts... Like where I have to talk in front of people... People have to motivate me a little more when it comes to giving a speech or just getting in front of people for a short amount of time, I guess you can call this stage fright! Lol :/ It takes some time, but next year when I get this higher cadre position, I'll work on becoming more authoritative.