Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alternative fairy tales

If you were the author of the fairy tale, what would you do about the wolf at the door?


  1. If I were the author of this fairy tale, with the wolf at the door, I would make the three little pigs have super powers. One pig would have a super powerr of laser eyes, the second one would have the power of becoming something like the Hulk, and lastly the third one would have powers of being able to Breathing fire like a dragon! With all of these things, once they opened the door, the wolf would be so scared that he would run away because he knew he'd be defeated by the three little pigs! Haha! :)

    **(This just made my morning a little better, because it was not going so well... lol (Thank You!))**

  2. Wow, Cynteah, you and I are cut from the same cloth — I absolutely love the ideas of the pigs as a team of superheroes! The JustStys League? ('re welcome!) — Amy of 10KQ