Thursday, April 1, 2010

Name Tag Day

Believe it or not, just forty years ago, there was no April Fool's Day. That tradition hadn't gotten started yet. But in some places there was a different April 1 tradition, now long forgotten, called Name Tag Day. People would pick a hero, or someone who inspired them, and introduce themselves by that person's name all day long. If you met someone on April 1, there was almost no point in asking their name, because they wouldn't tell you their own name; they'd give you the name the person who inspired them.

To speed things up, people got in the habit of wearing their hero's name on a name tag. "Hello, my name is John Glenn." "Hello, my name is Marie Curie" — and so on.

Just kidding! There never was a Name Tag Day tradition on April 1. But if there were such a tradition, and if you were in a place where this tradition was observed, whose name would you wear on your name tag? What person is an inspiring example of what you would like to be? Whom would you enjoy pretending to be, just for one day? (Please phrase your answer in the form of a name tag: "Hello, my name is _____.")

This week's theme is one generation ago.