Monday, June 29, 2009


Think of adolescence as the shore, where you must leave the land of childhood for the sea of adulthood. Adolescence, a transitional period, is a tumultuous time, probably the time most fraught with anxiety and change for most people. In those years, you had to define your identity and try to find your place in the world. You're starting to look and feel like an adult, but most adults are still treating you like a child. You are Figuring Things Out, but as soon as you figure something out about changes. These often-challenging years can be the source of great riches in the realm of personal insight.

When you think of your adolescence, what images come to mind first? What might be the first thing you exclaim when asked to recall your teen years? Are your first thoughts rosy and nostalgic? Or blue and regretful?

What would your family's first reaction be if asked what you were like as a teen?

This week's theme is adolescence.